Monday 18 February 2013

Mehta Publishing House emerges favorite at The Westin exhibit!!!!

As promised in our last post, Mehta Publishing House went for a day long exhibition at The Westin, Koregaon Park, Pune yesterday 17th February 2013. The exhibit was open from 09:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. at the venue with one of the most coveted columnist and novelist of current times Ms. Shobhaa Dè as the chief guest of the event. 

The event was organized by Indian Medical Association under the theme "Celebration of Womanhood - Women's Health and Safety Conference". Among the other exhibitors at the event (eith the most being pharma companies) Mehta Publishing House emerged as the crowds' favorite with a vast variety of Marathi as well as English books in the offering to its readers. In addition to this, we also offered a special Sunday Discount only for a day for the event @ 10% on the MRP of the books. This infused the book lovers to get closer to the books for their advantage. 

While at our stall at The Westin yesterday, Ms. Shobhaa Dè not only appreciated our organization for its successful diversification into English books but also appreciated our dedication towards providing the book lovers the best doze of literature from a vast spool of genres. She was happy signing of the books for all her reader fans and was generous enough to recommend Mehta Publishing House among all the others for buying her books. 

In all, it was an event to long for and rejoice. We thank Ms. Shobhaa Dè, Indian Medical Association, The staff of The Westin - Pune and above all our reader from all parts of the country and world for their constant support and best wishes.

And last but not the least, we would like to congratulate our sales team for their fabulous organizing and coordination for the event. 

Happy Reading all !!!!!



Thursday 14 February 2013

Celebrate Timeless Romance by Gifting a Book this Valentine's Day

LOVE, it is said, is the one of the most ancient and most sought after feelings of the world. It is one feeling which doesn’t really have any fixed rules, definitions, patterns or even age groups. It is one feeling which sweeps you off completely from your feet and you don’t even notice that happening to you. And by the time you realize you have been smitten, it’s too late…. You are already deep in That thing called LOVE.

That thing called LOVE, a love story presented by Mehta Publishing House, which depicts exactly the same. Set in a corporate environment, it narrates the story of a modern contemporary romance nurturing out of the corporate conspiracies and urban life. It has moments of romance, laugh, glances, pain and all that makes it a perfect gift for your valentine!

As for the beginners and singles, The Gift – one of our most sought after book in English, is a perfect choice. It gives you a clear understanding of the truth behind the laws of attraction and how to actually manifest them to unlock the doors of success in any area of life. In addition to the same group, even the in Love couples (including the married ones) can find To Ani Tee as a very interesting take on human relationships. It explains the perfect patterns of the behavioral differences between the “Men-Women” Relationships and their perceptions.

For the committed or married couples, Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen happens to be the best of the Valentine’s gift for their partners. It explains the inside story of an extraordinary marriage of Jane Hawking with her motor-neuron diseased husband Stephen. Among our forthcoming English titles, Closer shows the partners how to grow and love together. For understanding the hardships and understandings of a marriage, Partner is the best of all the offerings.

Tula Athavatana on the other hand motivates and insights on finding love again after a painful and rather disappointing breakup/divorce or loss of a loved one. Another interesting take on love could be managed by our offerings like Ruchira – Part I and II for Marathi readers and Mexican Cooking for English and more contemporary and urban readers. It could act as a catalyst for that increased spark between the partners as it is a well know fact that a good meal with excellent presentation helps in increased romance and even reinstating hardships of a relation.

Apart from these, our regular bestsellers suiting the theme are Swami, Vapurza, Wise and Otherwise, Sa-Sukhatcha, Chicken soup for Teenage soul, Indian Women and Why Men Don’t Listen to list among our vast offerings.  

So Come, make your Love eternal by gifting a book this Valentine. A book which can be kept as a souvenir for your fondness and the sanctity of your relationship with your partner. 

Happy Reading and Wishing all our readers a Very Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!!!  

Friday 8 February 2013

Visitor at our office !!!!!!

 Mr. Sunil Mehta with Mr. Keith Allen-Jones - Sales Director, Helen Exley Giftbooks at our Sadashiv Peth office

Saturday 2 February 2013

Mehta Publishing House Introduces English Books !!!!!!!!!!!

In the words of W. Somerset Maugham “The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety.” And going by these words, Mehta Publishing House now adds another feather in its cap by introducing English books to its list of offerings. Our list of distinguished authors includes coveted names like Deborah Ellis, Dr. Neel Burton, Candi Miller, Rei Kimura, Vikrant Shukla, Sofie Laguna, Larry Buttrose, Latifa Ali, Richard Shears, Helen Garner and Jane Hawking to name a few.

It is a wonderful mix of fiction and non fiction where on one side we offer you Master You Mind  which helps in reinstating confidence in people wrestling with mental disorder and needing to get an upper hand, whereas on the other side, we have The Fountain's Magic which describes the metamorphosis of an Indian Women from a simple girl next door to a woman shattered by an acrid matrimony.

We have titles like Plenty for All which describes how by scientific study of our abundant neighboring resources we can create plenty for all the needs of the world’s population and on the other side we have The Breadwinner which describes the scarcity of resources by depicting the transformation of a woman in trivial times to a man to earn food for her family.

Talking more about the saying different sides of the same coin we offer you the harrowing story of independence and perseverance in the form of Betrayed depicting Latifa’s war in Iraq with her culture and customers, whereas on the other side we offer you a humorous side of life from a women’s perspective in the form of Why My Third Husband Will Be A Dog.

Furthermore, under fiction category we have treats like Mud city, The Spare Room, Like a Willow Tree, One Wrong Foot, Salt and Honey, The Wrong Chase, The Fountain's Magic, Call Centre – An Inside Story to name a few. Our memoirs collection includes titles like Glimpses of Changing Banking Scenario, Fifty Years of Silence, Never to Return and Tamil Tigress.  We also have a flavor of Biographies to offer like Travelling to Infinity, Paper Cranes, The Kiss of Saddam, Shattered Silence and Schapelle while we keep The Gift and The Art of Ageing for self help section to allow our readers to chose the best to suit their interests.

For non fiction lovers we have titles like Sarees on Scooters and The Myth called Weath while for the Mental Health lovers, we have book like Master your Mind and The Meaning of Madness in our mix.

Hence, a wide variety of options in terms of different genres of books are made available to our readers keeping their tastes and interests into consideration. 

The readers can also check the same on our website for more details and can also order online for their choice of books. Do let us know your suggestions for the same.

Till then as we always say, Happy Reading!!!!!!!